Frederik Steenbrink

11 November 2019

Oh Là Là, a new album with Isabelle Georges!

Digital release November 15, 2019, physical release November 29, 2019.

Since 2005, Isabelle Georges has created a number of musical shows that mix genres, often earning her the label of “unclassifiable” – which is just as well, because she’s never been attracted by the extreme simplification that lies behind labels. Whether it’s bringing the composer Norbert Glanzberg out of oblivion (Padam Padam), sharing my madeleine, the musical (Broadway en Chanté) or celebrating love when everyone’s talking about war (Amour Amor), my shows all have one thing in common: transcending everyday life, fighting discrimination and doing so with music and humor, whenever possible.

Created at the 2015 Edinburgh Fringe Festival, Oh la la! is the first show where she no longer hides behind a story or another artist to express myself. Oh la la! is the realization, without nets, of a childhood dream, a true “Personality Show” in the tradition of those women who have inspired her since childhood, like Judy Garland or Shirley MacLaine. It enabled her to make her debut on the English stage at the 2016 London Cabaret Festival and to return to Edinburgh to close the festival in the Famous Spiegeltent with, in the end, four stars in The Herald.

2019 has been a particularly rich and moving year, with two of the people who have always encouraged me leaving this planet. The psychiatrist and playwright Alain Didier Weill, who encouraged her to write and then transform my poems into songs, and the multi-linguist, German teacher at the Maison de la culture yiddish, her friend, Dorothée Vienney, who taught her to read from right to left and thus enabled her to rediscover a part of herself… When they passed away, she realized how lucky she’d been to meet them and others, like aviator Guillaume Coeffin and restaurateur Victor Brisbois, both gone too soon, not forgetting her beloved grandmother, an early supporter.

This album is dedicated to them, and is rich in the shared love, enthusiasm and life force that characterized them, and which has been with her since childhood! A gift in the image of this wonderful human and musical adventure.

On this Cd, she’s surrounded by immense talents, personalities who have accompanied her on stage since 2015, Frederik Steenbrink, Jérôme Sarfati, Édouard Pennes, Adrien Sanchez and Samuel Domergue, a string ensemble and prestigious guests, fabulous encounters, such as Roland Romanelli, Philippe Berrod, Christophe Henry and Jérôme Brajtman. Arrangements are by Sebastiaan Koolhoven, Thierry Boulanger and Thibault Lepri. With respect and boldness, they have succeeded in breathing new life into these standards and undiscovered gems. Together, we’ve imagined a bridge between past and present, with a blend of jazz, pop and cabaret, a sound halfway between variety, classical and jazz, unclassifiable!

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