An astonishing multi-talent!
Frederik Steenbrink


A crooner’s voice, a lifelong love of theater and music, an inspired nature for conceiving and writing shows, a constant appetite for discovery and encounters: live performance takes on its full meaning and strength on the multi-faceted stage that Frederik Steenbrink has invented, between Paris and New York, based on his protean talent, at the crossroads of songwriting, musical theater and musical comedy.

Encounters and repertoires

Alongside the first productions to feature his voice – Inaccessibles Amours (1996, directed by Abbès Zahmani), Noces et Banquet (1996, Théâtre de l’Unité), Irma la douce (2000, Jérôme Savary), Titanic (2000, Jean-Louis Grinda) – he performed his own compositions in the song shows Le Passager and Comme si, which in 2003, after a stint in New York at the New School University (Performance for Singers master class), led him to open for Annie Girardot’s Madame Marguerite (L’Olympia) and Annie Cordy’s Que du bonheur (Casino de Paris).

Frederik Steenbrink © photo R. Corlouër
Poetic, accurate and caustic!
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Film, television & theater

This was also the period when he won several prizes in song competitions in France and the Netherlands, where he was born in 1974, and made forays into film in Les Enfants du printemps (2000, directed by Marco Pico) and Désaccord parfait (2006, Antoine de Caunes). He also headlined the shows Mon cœur fait boum (2003) and Chopin, chanson de Daniel (2005), and worked with artists such as Herman van Veen, Ivo Niehe, Caroline Nin and the Sirba Octet.

Frederik Steenbrink © photo R. Corlouër

With Isabelle Georges

His encounter with singer Isabelle Georges and the creation of their company Encore Music opened up even wider horizons. Here, he invests everything that nourishes and inspires him, without any hierarchy: Brahms, Rachmaninov or Bach, but also Cole Porter, Irving Berlin and Rodgers and Hart; or the operatic universe of Verdi, Puccini and Wagner…

Frederik Steenbrink © photo R. Corlouër
Isabelle Georges and Frederik Steenbrink make a deft double act!
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The result, with Isabelle Georges, is Une étoile et moi (2003), Padam padam (2010), Broadway en chanté (2012), Chante! (2014), Vingt-quatre heures de la vie d’une femme (2014), Amour amor (2016), Happy End (2018), Lumière sur Broadway (2017), Oh là là ! (2019) and, most recently, Isadora (2019). Together, they directed and wrote the symphonic programs Broadway symphonique (2014), C’est si bon (2018) and Que du bonheur (2019).